Introducing a wonderful village: Arteshabad

Arteshabad is a big village in Qazvin. It locates at the southwest corner of Qazvin’s fabulous geographical situation. The old name of this village is Seymasabad. It was demolished after a heavy earthquake in 1341. This title (Arteshabad) was chosen by king’s army (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi). This village has been constructed by the army. Furthermore, they have brought modernity and new culture in the village. This modernity is obvious in behavior and personality of people. According to the last census in 1390 the population of the village is approximately 997. Majority of people have a master degree and some people have a PHD degree for example Mr. Taheri  who is a professor at Beheshti University. Women are most educated here unlike other village. Residents of this village always act as role models for other people for example Teyeb Hajrezai who was martyred by king. Unfortunately in the recent decades the amount of migration has increased because local jobs don’t have enough profit, consequently they migrated to other area to go into a more lucrative business.  Arteshabad locate in 24 KM far from Abgarm. You have to drive for about half from Abgarm to get there. The Road is pretty scary but it is quite scenic. It’s a really nice place. Paris is not quite as beautiful as Arteshabad. The weather is always amazing, especially in the summer. It’s the most beautiful village I have ever seen. I suggest visiting Arteshabad if you want to have an enjoyable vacation. Ali Bulagho, eyvan Qaya, Kashkin, ruins of the seymasabad, and, etc. are fantastic places that you can go for sightseeing

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